Partypipo (pär’|tē|pē’|pō) or (par’|tee|pee’|po)

Partypipo is a really fun part of Interplanetary, Inc.

1622 Montague Street
Rockford, Illinois 61102-3013

Phone: 779-707-1808

Social Media: (Let’s get some videos, first)

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We have multiple venues, so if we're in the neighborhood, you'll want you to know.
Just want to predict how much assistance you need. The plan is to have scaled difficulty classes.
In the future, classes will be interest/difficulty-scaled. The question is "Wine to Art" ratio.
If we found you this way, we can probably find someone else. Need to know.

Partypipo Privacy Policy:
Partypipo, a fun part of Interplanetary, Inc. never, ever, EVER sells or shares any information on anyone. Ever.

Don’t ask. Ever.