Attend a Partypipo Home Art Party

Partypipo furnishes all supplies – everything but food and drink. All parties are taught by professional, working artists. 

You’ll need the party key word from the party host. Home art parties are considered private, unless noted in the events calendar.

Looking for a Partypipo Art Party?

It's a nice method for weather cancellations.
(We never share or sell data. Ever.)
Without the key word the host must approve your royal guesthood. Home art parties are assumed to be private.
Please tell us any disability or food allergy concerns, or how excited you are to be at our party...we will try to accommodate.
Partypipo's Public Party preferred payment is online through Paypal. However, payment made by check, cash, or card at the party is allowed, with prior notification. (Just a 'heads-up,' please.) Please write checks to: Interplanetary, Inc.
Just want to predict how much assistance you need. The plan is to have scaled difficulty classes.
In the future, classes will be interest/difficulty-scaled. The question is "Wine to Art" ratio.
If we found you this way, we can probably find someone else. Need to know.