About Partypipo

Let’s have fun, make art, and party, people!

Who couldn't have fun with these pipo?
Partypipo (pär’|tē|pē’|pō) or (par’|tee|pee’|po)

I have been teaching digital art for years. My daughter treated me to a Mother’s Day surprise…a seat at a local “wine and painting” party. She had not studied art and I had not painted in quite a while. I found that painting is like riding a bicycle! I started painting in various media when I was 10 years old, continuing even after college. At this painting class I felt anxious, and after I discovered that I wouldn’t embarrass myself, I had fun. I also observed my daughter and other participants. If you were an experienced painter, or even a crafter, you were fine. I noticed that, if one were a complete novice, though being told the steps, one was unsure of brush technique, color mixing, etc. I recently retired from a major state university art school and, through discussions with various faculty friends, I formulated a different technique for teaching non-artists and art hobbyists that include more fun, more knowledge, and scalable expectations. I have used my theories on some early paint parties and I believe it works. I know the artists in my classes are having a ball and report feeling a sense of accomplishment. Qaapla’!